The Invisible Boy

We read The Invisible Boy for Team Time this week.  It was a wonderful story about Brian, who is always so well behaved that he feels invisible!  We tied in the word of the month “compassion” to this story, as a new student, Justin, comes to school and befriends the boy.  Justin shows Brian compassion. This book shows how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and allow them to flourish.

More Snow at Fuller Meadow!

Before this past snowstorm on Monday, the students were able to “sled” down the snow banks.  Now the snowbanks are a little too steep for our students to play on during recess.  So yesterday the students were able to use the playground to play in the snow and they had a BLAST!  Thank you to Miss Luster and Mrs. Hoffman for wearing snow pants to help the students along!  A special thank you to our amazing custodians, Mr. Lovasco, Mr. Buzckzo and Mr. Glover for their tireless work in shoveling and keeping our parking lots and sidewalks clear and safe.  Also to the Middleton DPW who has been so helpful with our sidewalks and parking lots as well.  Happy Winter! FullSizeRender IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_3792 IMG_3793

More Wing Masters

Check out Mrs. Newton’s iMovie!


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