K/1 walk-throughs with Supt. Morrison #180daysofkindess #fullermeadow @ttusupt

Our Superintendent pops over every now and again, and likes to see our students in action. Here are some shots of what we saw this AM in Kindergarten and grade 1:

practicing the word ‘was’ with Mrs. Halligan’s Kindergarteners

Sight word practice with Mrs. Thomson’s first graders

Some “epic” independent reading in grade 1/Klipfel

A math game in grade 1

Using the computer in 1/Klipfel

Reading groups with Miss Klipfel

Math facts on the Smartboard

Flexible seating in 1/Klipfel

Grade 2 Paper Lanterns #fullermeadow #180daysofkindness

In celebration of Chinese New Year, the students created the most beautiful, delicate paper lanterns decorated with plum blossoms.  Did you know that plum blossoms are signs of purity, strength and a sign of spring?  It was very fun to listen to and watch the students as they created their works of art.  It is also very fun to watch them go through the routine and structure in the art classroom.  

#EdCampTTU #fullermeadow #ttuchat

Our PD day was a huge success!  We began the day at the Masco auditorium to listen to our Superintendent, and acknowledge all of our staff who are celebrating anniversaries. Congratulations to our Fuller Meadow teachers and staff who were honored today:

  • Mrs. Alvarado-five years
  • Ms. O’Neill-five years
  • Mrs. Gorman-five years
  • Mrs. Reid-ten years
  • Mrs. Halligan-fifteen years
  • Mrs. Lawrence-fifteen years
  • Mr. LoVasco-fifteen years
  • Mrs. Ochoa-fifteen years
  • Mrs. Winchell-fifteen years
  • Mrs. Newton-twenty years
  • Mrs. Pazdziorny-twenty years
  • Mrs. Dellea-twenty-five years
  • Mrs. Garber-twenty-five years
  • Mrs. Daniels-thirty years

After Mr. Morrison, we listened and learned from Jessica Minahan, an author and educator, who discussed how to reduce anxiety in students.  This is such a timely and appropriate topic for our students.  I think that our staff agreed that they could have listened to her speak all day long as she is so articulate and knowledgeable about anxiety.

The afternoon was dedicated to #edcampTTU.  #Edcamp is an “unconference” where teachers guide their own learning.  It was an incredible afternoon of learning and collaboration with all teachers within the TTSU.  Some of the topics included follow-up from the morning session with Jessica Minahan, different technology platforms, movement within the classroom, math workshop, inclusive practices, and Global School Play Day.  It was an amazing day of learning!